Our classes are organized into a system of levels which are progressively more advanced. Each level is designed to build understanding, skill, strength,and endurance in order to prepare you for the next level. You learn at your own pace, in a safe and encouraging environment. The length of time you will spend in each level depends on your fitness level and your dedication. We recommend at practicing at least 2-3 times/week to retain the skills you learn and build strength. We work in the air, without harnesses or safety nets, so it is very important for students to master skills low to the ground before advancing to harder skills or greater heights. Please do not rush through to more advanced skills, because people can and do get hurt in the circus arts.

Each level covers the following material:

  • Skills and sequences in Level
  • Safety and body positioning
  • Technical accuracy and efficiency
  • Theory of movement
  • Building confidence with heights
  • Conditioning for strength and flexibility
  • Creating seamless choreography
  • Expressing creativity and style
  • Professionalism as an artist

To move up to the next level, students must show proficiency in each pose and sequence, and then perform a routine that incorporates key vocabulary from that level.

Prerequisite: Must complete Liability Waiver
Working height: 4' or lower
Focus: Introduce key aerial concepts

Prerequisite : Introduction to Aerials
Working height: 5' or lower
Skills: Hammock/Trapeze Vocabulary

Prerequisite: Pass (L1)
Working height: 12' or less (3 climbs), 6' for Trapeze/Lyra
Focus: Technical foundation, basic climb and foot-locks on tails

Prerequisite: (L2) Aerial 
Working height: 15'or less (4 climbs), up to 12' for Trapeze/Lyra
Focus: Artistic expression of sequences based on foot-knots, Standing and rope work in Trapeze, Spinning for Lyra

Prerequisite: (L3) Aerial Trapeze/Lyra
Working height: 12' or less
Focus: Velocity moves

Prerequisite: (L3) Aerial Silks
Working height: (L2) material – 16' or less, (L4) material – 12' or less
Focus: Sequences from inversions

Prerequisite: (L4) Aerials
Working Height: Full height
Focus: Creating performance material